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To support continuing advanced education of qualified deaf and hard-of-hearing recipients in the business and accounting fields.    And to honor Sully, an accomplished golfer, through an award given out at the Midwest Deaf Golfing Association (MDGA) annual tournament.

The Foundation makes cash awards to students majoring in business fields at two universities:

  • An annual $500 scholarship for Excellence in Business to a senior at Gallaudet University's Department of Business (award created 1998 through the auspices of the National Fraternal Society of the Deaf (NFSD), and continued by the Foundation in 2009.)
  • An annual $500 award for Exemplary Business Student at RIT (award created 2013), and a $500 Outstanding Student in Business Scholarship at NTID (award created  2011), presented through the University's Department of Business Studies.
  • Sponsorship of business leadership seminars and training workshops to be taught by deaf enterpreneurs, professors, independent business owners, and/or  well-known leaders.
  • The Foundation also makes a plaque award to a deserving winner in the form of a first place Senior Handicap Award at the annual MidWest Deaf Golfers Association's tournament.  This yearly award was started in 2002 by the NFSD, then was taken up by the Foundation, starting  in 2009.